FRM® Program: GARP®

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FRM® Part 1 and Part 2 Training

We provide classroom training in New Delhi and Gurgaon and Online training globally for FRM® Part 1 and Part 2 Exams.

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Why FinLearning

  • Round The Clock Support – The Most Rewarding
  • No Hired Faculty – Assured Best Quality
  • Follow GARP® Books – Crystal Clear Your Concepts
  • Max Faculty Time – Dive Deeper Into Subject
  • Unique Teaching Methodology and Shortcuts – Save Your Time
  • Highly Interactive Classes – Keep The Momentum Intact
  • Unlimited Doubt Clearing – Increased Chances Of Success
  • Whatsapp Group – Continuous Touch With Faculties and Batch-mates
  • Pay Once – Till You Pass

Road-map to become Certified FRM®

  1. Register for the FRM® Program online via GARP® website
  2. Appear and Pass FRM® Exam Part I
  3. Appear and Pass FRM® Exam Part II within 4 yrs of passing the FRM® Exam Part I
  4. Demonstrate 2 years of related work experience within 5 yrs of passing the FRM® Exam Part II
  5. Participating in GARP®’s Continuing Professional Development program (Optional)

FRM® Exam Structure

  • The FRM® Exam has 2 parts which take a minimum of 6 months to clear
  • Candidates must pass Exam Part I before their Exam Part II will be graded
  • Each part is conducted thrice a year via CBT in the month of May, August, and November
  • Offered in the English language only, at various exam sites around the world
  • Part I will have 100 multiple choice questions of 1 mark each to be answered in 4 hrs
  • Part II will have 80 multiple choice questions of 1 mark each to be answered in 4 hrs
  • There is no penalty for a wrong answer (i.e. no negative marking)
  • Passing scores are determined by the FRM® Committee
  • Exam results pass/fail are emailed approximately six weeks after the exam
  • GARP® do not reveal score in the exam
  • Candidates will receive quartile results comparing their performance to other candidates

(For further information please visit the GARP website)

About GARP®

Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP®), is the leading professional association for risk managers, dedicated to the advancement of the profession through education, research, and the promotion of best practices globally.
GARP® sets the global standard in professional certification with the FRM® (Financial Risk Manager) and SCR® (Sustainability and Climate Risk) certifications to enable the risk community to make better-informed risk decisions through “creating a culture of risk awareness”.

About FRM®

The FRM® designation is globally respected and widely recognized certification for financial risk management. FRM® certification sets you apart in the global marketplace and helps you to achieve positions like Senior Risk Analyst, Chief Risk Officer, Head of Operational Risk and Director of Risk Management.
Becoming an FRM® will differentiate you from your peers and serves as a validation of your knowledge of the tools and techniques currently demanded by the risk management profession. The FRM® designation is valued by employers in all regions of the world.

Facts and figures about FRM®
  • There are currently more than 80,000 Certified FRM® professionals from over 190 countries and territories
  • FRM is a lifelong professional designation administered by GARP for over 25 years
  • Certified FRM are employed at global and regional banks, asset managers, consulting firms, regulators, and companies operating in the real economy
  • Being a qualified FRM depicts the ability to assess, measure, and monitor risk in real-world situations

Top 10 global banks employing FRM

  1. ICBC
  2.  China Construction Bank
  3.  Agricultural Bank of China
  4.  Bank of China
  5.  JP Morgan Chase
  6.  Wells Fargo
  7.  HSBC
  8.  Citigroup
  9.  Bank of America
  10.  Banco Santander
Top 10 companies employing the most FRM®
  1. ICBC
  2.  Bank of China
  3.  HSBC
  4.  Agricultural Bank of China
  5.  Citigroup
  6.  KPMG
  7.  Deutsche Bank
  8.  Credit Suisse
  9.  UBS
  10.  PWC