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Congratulations for clearing FRM Exam Part 1. You have demonstrated a high level of knowledge and understanding of the subject. FRM Exam Part 2 is way tougher than the FRM Exam Part 1 due to high level of competition. The content requires much deeper understanding and its application in real world. The exam will likely to test broad and deep understanding of tools and techniques used in risk management and will covers the following topics:

  • Market Risk Measurement & Management (25% wt.)
  • Credit Risk Measurement & Management (25% wt.)
  • Operational & Integrated Risk Management (25% wt.)
  • Risk Management & Investment Management (15% wt.)
  • Current Issues (10% wt.)

There will be 80 multiple choices questions to be answered in 4 hours. You already know that there is no penalty for wrong answer.

FinLearning provides following support for FRM Exam Part 2: 

Face to Face Classes

Live Online Classes through Webinar

Crash Course

Mock Test Series

One on One Sessions